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Dermadry Review: Speak of the Angel

By Sam Nardi / May 22, 19
Dermadry Team

"Is Dermadry effective?" is the most frequent question we receive! We know that the search for effective hyperhidrosis treatment can be difficult, so we decided to team up with some bloggers to get their honest review of Dermadry!


We recently reached out to Canadian blogger Speak of the Angel to do a review of Dermadry Total! Here is what she had to say. You can read her full review of Dermadry, on her blog or watch the video and read the transcription below.


Angel Zheng's (Speak of the Angel) Dermadry Review!



"What's up with you guys? Welcome back to my channel! Today, I have a really exciting video for you guys. This is in collaboration with Dermadry.


Okay, so how did this collaboration come about? If you guys haven't seen my insecurities video, go ahead, I'm going to link it up above for you guys. The first time that I've ever addressed it online was in that video—I'm somebody who suffers from excessively sweaty hands and feet. My hands, not that big of a deal. I have clammy hands, but a lot of people have clammy hands, but in my feet it really sucks, because if I'm walking around the entire day and I’m unable to change my socks, for example, or I’m wearing boots, this sweat tends to make my feet smell a little bit. And this is something that I've been dealing with ever since I was pretty much a child. It's something that I used to get made fun of by my family, I've been made fun of by my friends, and it's just gotten to that point where it's, like, everybody that's close to me knows that I have this issue, so it doesn't bother me so much anymore. Because as long as the people that I love and that love me don't care, I don't either.


I did some research, and there is a name for this condition - it is called hyperhidrosis. I know a lot of other people who have hyperhidrosis. One of my friends has it, and then after I posted that in insecurities video, more than one of you guys reached out to me, and pretty much told me that you do suffer from the same issue and that it is also an insecurity of yours. And I hate to hear that, because as good as it feels to know that there are other people who understand what I'm feeling, I hate that you're feeling it too because it sucks. I just don't really wish that upon anybody.


During my research, I found that it actually is a known condition that really severely impacts the quality of life for the people who have this condition, because once it gets to a certain point when you're sweating a lot, it does make your hands and feet smell not that great. It can affect you socially, it can affect you mentally, and I really never thought of to look into a way to cure it. I just didn't think there was anything that I could do about it, other than maybe prevent it. So, I would always change my socks often throughout the day. If I know I'm having a long walking day, or from wearing cheaper shoes, I find that that affects it. I've tried the whole foot deodorant thing, it doesn't really work. I've tried the powder that you put in your shoes, to prevent sweatiness and that didn't really work - it just made my shoes gross.


But I was recently reached out to by this company called Dermadry. Dermadry is this company that offers a solution, a home solution for those of you who suffer from hyperhidrosis. It’s needle-free, it’s drug-free, and it's the first of its kind to be licensed by Health Canada. And it is the first of its price point as well, so it is a lot more affordable than other treatments and other machines that are out there that are available for home use.

An honest Dermadry review by Angel Zheng


So, essentially, how does it work? Well, I am no scientist and not an engineer, so I have the [their website] open in front of me. Dermadry, the machine, is a tap water iontophoresis device. This technology works by directing a small current through the skin, neutralizing the connections between the nerves and your sweat glands. The treatment has been known to drastically decrease excessive sweating, and it is a treatment that you can go to a specialist to get, but this is really great because it offers you the opportunity to do this at home, which I think is amazing.


It comes in a box like this, they have three different machines: they have the Dermadry Total, Dermadry Hands and Feet, and Dermadry Underarms. Yeah, it's one of the safest and easiest ways to get the treatments for hyperhidrosis, so obviously when they reached out to me, I was ecstatic! I thought it was the most perfect thing for me to try and test out for you guys and let you know how it is because this is actually an issue that I feel.


So, they sent me this machine — I'm just going to talk you guys through my experience with it. I've tried it a few times, so I haven't seen drastic results yet. My feet have gotten a lot better throughout the years, just as I'm getting older I think, they've been a lot less sweaty. But I'm just excited to see how much this is going to help me. I'm going to keep you guys updated on the results as well.


When you open it up, it comes in a nice case like this, and there used to be a kind of like foam padding that went in here, but I took the foam padding out and I just kept the case with all of its belongings. There's actually a portion of this set that's missing right now and it's the towels, but I'll explain to you guys exactly what those are for later on.


In your Dermadry kit, you've got a couple of things: you get four of these pads, and these are for your underarms. You get two underarm size electrodes. So, to use these, essentially, you just take the electrode and you slip it into the pads here, you connect it to the machine, which I'll show you guys when you slip it into the pad and you put these under your arms. It comes with the actual machinery, which is what's going to be conducting or like sending out the current to larger electrodes. And these are going to be what's for your hands and your feet. And then it comes with two small white towels, which are about the size of this electrode, pretty much a little bit bigger, whichever for your hands and your feet as well.


How does it work? This is going to sound a little bit scary and it was a little bit scary for me when I was first trying it out because I wasn't exactly sure how it was going to feel like. But when you're doing it for your hands or your feet, you take the box that it comes with, and it actually slips out to be two containers. So, let these little middle connecting things slip out really easily, and you take this, then take an electrode, you put it inside of the box, you connect the machine. And it's white connector to the end of the electrode. You place it on the ground and you fill this up with water, so, not all the way. It says maximum 500ml.


I filled it up so the water level was just slightly over my toes when my feet are placed flat in here. You put the electrode, you take the towel, you put it on top of the electrode, and that's where your foot’s going to rest. And then you fill it up with a little bit of water, and you do the same with the other one. And you place both pins down on the ground in front of you. And you put your feet in it. Essentially, what it does is, this machine will send electric currents through the wire onto this metal conductor, this metal plate, and then once your foot is in the water, those currents will kind of drive into your feet, or I guess make contact with your foot.


I'm just going to read you guys some excerpts from their website as well.


Tap water iontophoresis treatments need to be repeated to maintain dryness. The use of tap water ensures uniform treatment over the targeted areas. Providing an adequate level of current on the targeted area will stop sweat in most cases. The success of treatment depends on the current strength. Higher current strengths work better and should be used for intense sweating. The treatment strength should be changed based on skin sensitivity. Hands and feet can tolerate a higher current strength than underarms.


The scientific evidence behind this is the effectiveness of tap water iontophoresis to treat hyperhidrosis has been demonstrated by numerous studies. These studies were performed on patients with primary focal hyperhidrosis (mild, moderate and severe). The studies were performed on patients in all age ranges from 8 years old to 71 years old. The treatment parameters were mostly similar regarding the current strength, the treatment duration and the treatment frequency. The clinical studies evaluated the efficiency of the treatment both in clinical conditions (in hospital, performed by healthcare professionals) and at home (patients were provided with devices and performed treatments on their own).


Here are the results of those studies:

  • Tap water iontophoresis treatments improve the patient’s quality of life significantly during treatment.
  • 92.9% of patients saw results after two weeks of iontophoresis treatments.
  • 88.9% of patients had positive results, and a majority of the patients found the maintenance program compatible with their lifestyle.
  • Quality of life improved in 78.6% of patients after 2 weeks.
  • Tap water iontophoresis is a simple, safe and effective therapeutic option for palmoplantar hyperhidrosis.


So, palmoplantar hyperhidrosis is essentially excessive sweating in your hands and your feet and then axillary is in your underarms.


I’ll talk a little bit about my experience with it, I’m not going to lie, when I first started treatments, I was really scared because the thought of electric currents running through water and touching my feet frightened me, because I don't know, like as much as I know that it is like such a safe product, and that it can only output 25mA of current, it's just a scary thought. You just don't know what it’s going to feel like the first time. So, I was pretty hesitant when I was getting started. It took me a long time even just to boost it up to 1mA, but I did it.


And, honestly, it wasn't awful at all! At 1mA, you can really barely feel it. And the thing is, it is going to feel different, depending on your skin sensitivity. So, I got my friend Joel to try it out as well, and I was only able to get up to about 4mA of power before I could really feel the current kind of running along my skin, like along the skin of my feet, and kind of almost up my legs. Like, it's not painful in any way, but you do feel it, it's like a light tickle. It's a very, very slight feeling, just imagine somebody taking the tips of their nails or the tips of their fingers, and just like in the lightest way possible running it along the bottom of your feet.


At 4mA, I did find that when I wiggled my toes I felt like somebody was poking the front of my toe, not with anything sharp but it was like a bit of a poke. So, like, imagine the input section of your Apple headphones. You know, just any kind of like dull thing that has a bit of a point, but just imagine taking that and lightly poking the tip of your finger with it.


I think because you know that it is an electric current, it feels scarier than what it actually feels like, if that makes any sense. It's like your brain almost tricks you to feel shocked, like you're like, “Ooh, ooh!” Like, I will react to it but it doesn't hurt in any way, if that makes any sense. So I found that going from 1mA to 2mA, I could feel the difference because at 1, really I couldn't feel anything at all, and then 2, I kind of started feeling just something running throughout my feet. 2 to 3, I couldn't feel, but 3 to 4, I could really feel. So, at 4, I was like, “This is good. I'm not going to up it anymore.


For Joel for example, he was able to get it up to, I think, it was like 13 or 14 or something ridiculous like that. So, pretty much 1 through about like 7 or 8, he wasn't feeling it at all, he was like there's no sensation. And then about 7 or 8, he started feeling like a light current run along his feet, and then from I guess about 8 to about 14, he was like, “Okay.”, actually he can feel the current more. I think it totally depends on you. I think even if you have really sensitive skin, it's not going to hurt at 1 or 2mA, you do feel the physical sensation of kind of a light current running along your skin, but I would not relate that physical sensation to pain at all. Like if anything, it's more of a tickle or more of — I think a tickle is probably the best way to describe it essentially.


Yeah, I'm still in disbelief that this company reached out to me, and it's not something that I even like needed to go out and research and find myself. It really literally feels like the universe has sent me a sign that it is treatable, and it just made me really excited to share this with you guys because really that is one of my biggest insecurities, and it's something that I think I will always be a little bit insecure about, so yeah. I don't know, the feeling of finding a solution really, really just gives me joy. Let me know if you guys have ever heard of iontophoresis, the treatment, and what you think about it, and whether you have this issue.


I'd love to get a discussion started around this topic for those of you who also suffer from hyperhidrosis, and if you do have sweaty hands and feet and you don't know if it is hyperhidrosis, go see a doctor, like they're going to be able to tell you best. I am by no means a doctor or anybody who is qualified to give you that kind of diagnosis, but the best that I can do obviously is just to give you kind of like my experience with the condition, and yeah, kind of take you through my journey with my new machine.


Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you guys enjoyed this video, I hope it was informative, I hope this was helpful, and I hope that for those of you who do suffer from the condition and haven't heard of this treatment before, I hope it gives you a little bit of hope, because that's how I felt when I read that first email that I received from them. I was like, “Wait, hold up, hold up - is this real?! Like, there's an actual treatment?!” Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this video.I hope you guys are having an amazing day wherever you are in the world, and I will see you guys in my next video. Bye!"


Update video!


"I spoke to one of the Dermadry support about my usage, and they gave me some tips on how I can get an even better result. In order for results to be the most effective, you should try to use the device every day at the highest level that you can tolerate. By no means should you use it at a level that feels uncomfortable or painful for you. That should never be the case. However, you will find that the more you use the device, the more you’ll be able to handle. Your skin will develop a tolerance to the sensation and you will be able to raise the intensity level after a few uses.


The higher the intensity level is, the more effective it will be! So make sure you keep the frequency and intensity high to get the best results.


After that chat, I used my Dermadry machine every day for a week, and I already saw drastic results. Your treatment area will actually sweat a little more than usual after the first two uses, but after that, the results will slowly start to show. Also, remember to put lotion on after each treatment as the treatment will dry out the surface of your skin.


I’ve lessened my frequency again due to time constraints in my day, but I am still seeing the results of my week-long usage now. My sweating hasn’t completely stopped, although I have no doubt that it would if I continued the high usage frequency. Currently, I can proudly say that I sweat a lot less in my feet than I did even a month ago.


So the verdict? IT FREAKIN WORKS!"


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