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Oct 30, 20
In Conversation with Dr. Hope Mitchell, MD
Ahead of Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month, Dermadry sat down for an interview with board-certified dermatologist Dr. Hope Mitchell, MD to learn more about her first-hand experience diagnosing and treating her hyperhidrosis patients.
Oct 23, 20
What Can Sweat Tell You About Your Health & Fitness?
What is your sweat trying to tell you? Can sweat tell you a lot about your health and fitness? We’ve answered some of the web’s most frequently asked questions and debunked some sweating myths.
Oct 14, 20
How to Treat Hyperhidrosis: A Guide
Here is our guide to treating primary hyperhidrosis! An overview of different options, how they work, and the pros and cons of each.
Oct 08, 20
The Risks Associated with Sweaty Feet
October 8, 2020 is International Podiatry Day, presented by the International Federation of Podiatrists (IFP). Read more about the importance of foot health and dry feet. 
Oct 02, 20
Dermadry Wins Gala ESTim Startup Award and Opens New Offices!
Demadry is proud to have received the Startup Award of the 2020 Gala ESTim. This prestigious competition brings together exceptional and successful...
Sep 23, 20
Natalie Loves Beauty: 2 Year Dermadry Update!
Natalie  is back with a 2 year update on her journey and experience with Dermadry—just in time for our 2 year anniversary celebrations! Watch and read what she had to say as one of the first-ever Dermadry users!
Sep 18, 20
What is Hyperhidrosis?
What is hyperhidrosis? Learn about this and more in our handy guide with the answers to your most frequently asked questions about hyperhidrosis!
Sep 10, 20
Managing Hyperhidrosis When Exercising
How does excessive sweating affect workouts and what can be done about it? Read more about managing excessive sweating while exercising!
Aug 14, 20
How Can Hyperhidrosis Affect Studies and Student Life?
Read about the impacts hyperhidrosis has on studies and student life, and read our sweat survival guide for students!
Aug 03, 20
Dermadry Scholarship 2020
Dermadry is giving away a $2,000 US scholarship and a Dermadry Total device to one sweaty student for a sweat-free school year!
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